Creating an Intentional Life

Ever find yourself rushing from one thing to the next only to wake up and do it all again the next day? Jaded. was established to help you create more presence and mindfulness in your daily life. Encouraging more self-awareness, introspection, relaxation, and stress relief.
jaded. offers resources to promote mindful living -- from meditation supplies to skincare rituals. Physical reminders to slow down and take care of yourself, so you can take care to those around you.

  • All Natural Skin Care

    Incorporating mindfulness into your daily life does not have to mean adding more to your jam-packed schedule. Creating rituals around things you already do on a daily basis, aka, skin care, can help interrupt the noise -- the freight train of thoughts constantly running through your mind.

    Skin Care 
  • Create Your Own Events

    Our monthly events offer you opportunities to make your own mindfulness resources -- candles, essential oil roller bottles, jewelry, etc.

    We can also host a private event for your next friend group outing! Email us for more information at

  • Plants

    Not only do plants bring a bit of nature inside, caring and nurturing for your plant allows you to cultivate a mindfulness practice of awareness, noticing, and being in the moment. Pair with crystals for extra magic.

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jaded is all about you...

Our product lines are hand-selected and curated to promote selfcare, self-healing, and self-compassion. Through meditation, yoga, journaling, nourishing skincare routines, and more, jaded is an invitation to slow down, be in the moment, and feel into your life.

  • Meditation

    Explore our meditation resources to support you in your practice

  • Journaling

    Ready to add journaling to your selfcare routine? Look no further...

  • Healing Stones

    Crystals can be used in many ways and can be a supportive reminder of the energy you want more of -- wear them as jewelry, hold while meditating, place it where you'll see it often or carry it in your pocket.

    Healing Stones 
  • Yoga

    Aside from the vast physical benefits, yoga can boost brain power, energy, and mood while reducing stress, anxiety and depression.