The inspiration behind jaded., llc...

The inspiration around jaded continues to evolve (so this page does, too).  What began as an immense desire to help others through the introduction of selfcare rituals has grown into a desire to encourage others to do 'The Work' (as I do my own). 

The deep introspective, self-healing work that leads to open-minded and open-hearted compassion -- compassion for ourselves and our 'seeming' failures or missteps and compassion for those we cross paths with who are experiencing their own set of difficulties.
Awareness and acceptance of the parts of ourselves that were deemed bad or unacceptable.  Forgiveness for repetitive negative behaviors that we have yet to recognize.
And this work is hard.  It is not for the faint of heart.  And it is not something we ever complete.  So while we're doing it, when we're in the midst of shining a light on old wounds to see what lies beneath, we need extreme self-care.  
The offerings at jaded are intended to support that selfcare.  They are intended to promote mindful and intentional living, as opposed to rushing through our lives day after day without noticing, without awareness, without purpose.  
I spent the majority of my adult life rushing through my days, trying to do and be everything to everyone.  I often found myself turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms to unwind or relax at the end ot the day.  
When I was introduced to selfcare, to 'The Work', to the numerous methods into 'The Work' (aka yoga, meditation, astrology, journaling, moon work) it changed my life. For the better. 
Much better.
And because of that, I was, and still am, inspired to share that with any one that will listen. 
That's what jaded is, my invitation to you to begin your own journey back to self.
Thanks for joining me!