Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox

Changing of the Seasons


Saying goodbye to summer and welcoming fall.  A time of equal day and night (mostly) as we move into darker, longer nights, shifting from summer's bright, playful, and expansive energies into a season of reflection, gratitude, and restoration. 



Autumn Equinox marks harvest season, a time to look back over the year to see what you have grown and created.  What are the fruits of your labor this past cycle?


At the Spring Equinox, we planted our seeds of intention (seems like yesterday...).  What were those seeds?  Did they grow in abundance?  Or did they whither and fade?  Pause and take some time to look back over the past nine months and see all you have done and overcome.  Celebrate your success, honor every step of the journey that brought you to this day.


Remove the pressure from yourself for just a moment to acknowledge your growth thus far.  Even if, no... especially if that growth stems from things not going as planned.  Perhaps you learned a few lessons rather than experienced the success you expected.  Just remember, the only failure is not trying at all.  Things not working out as planned is only a redirection.  Success is trying.


Autumn Equinox brings the beginning of a time of reflection, gratitude, and introspection.  What lessons were learned during the growing seasons of spring and summer?  What lessons can you integrate into the next phase?


Finding Balance

As we enter fall, we are also entering Libra Season.  Both Libra (represented by the scales) and the Equinox (a time of nearly equal day and night) represent balance.  It is a time to evaluate all areas of your life to see where you can call in more balance.  Work/life, social/solitude, self-care/caring for others, give/take, rest/movement, balanced diet... 


Two things to know about Libra –

It’s an air sign – all about the mind and craves fairness and equality.

It’s a cardinal sign – our initiators.


Use this time to make (initiate) even the tiniest of changes in your routines to restore equilibrium and harmony in your daily life.  Like, instead of the doom scroll through social media, use 5 minutes to breathe and practice simple awareness (being in the moment without distraction). 

Your time is the most valuable thing you have.  How are you spending it?  Now is a great time to evaluate how you are spending your time and what is taking up your attention. 


Renewed Focus


Look forward to the next three months with renewed vision and purpose.  What matters the most to you?  With limited time and resources, what is the most important thing you want to focus on for the remainder of the year?  How can you integrate the knowledge you've gained up to now to reformulate your plan?


As we witness the changing of the seasons through the colors of the fall foliage, I invite you to sit outside with your journal, reconnect with the Earth, and contemplate what needs to change in your life.  As you watch the leaves falling from the tree, think of one thing you can let go of now in order to bring more balance and harmony to your life.  Commit to letting it go.






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