Word of the Year

Word of the Year

Word of The Year...  Card of the Year... Stone of the Year


A Word of the Year, if you are not familiar, is a word you select that can help guide your year.  It’s what you want to achieve or create in your life.  It serves as a reminder of your intentions for the year.  Choosing your word of the year can be as simple or as thoughtful as you want it to be.  I like to write down all the words that represent what I want and then pick the one that most resonates with my intention. 

And then keep the word where you will see it often.  Reference it when you’re journaling or creating your plans for the day and week ahead. What actions can you take today to make that word a reality?



My word of the year for 2023 was Spaciousness.  Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?  Spaciousness.  Mentally, physically.  A clearing of sorts.  Room to breathe, space to do the things that fill my soul.

Unfortunately, spaciousness is not what I created.  Instead of manifesting presence and peace of mind and the space I craved, I ultimately created a year of constriction, you might even say suffocation.  As I reflect on 2023, reviewing the weeks and months (which seem to have flown by), I can point to where things went south (hopefully) – the ‘when, why, and how’ of how it all went south and in the opposite direction of what I had intended.  I had a year of big lessons.  And I’m hoping I learned what I needed to in order to move forward, evolve into the next set of lessons (or, more preferably, a break in-between those lessons). 

What I am learning in my quest for spaciousness, is that I am lacking in the self-discipline category.  I set goals, tell myself I am going to do this, that, or the other, and then give up if it gets frustrating or if ‘will-power’ is required.  Self-discipline is not really my thing. 

But if I want spaciousness, I first need structure.  And discipline to do the things that need to be done.  Consistency.  I am still defining my Word of the Year for 2024, but it is around this theme of consistency.  Doing the things that need to be done, that need to be faced, and quit ignoring them or simply hoping it will all get better on its own.

What word will support you this year?

Card of the Year


I enjoy tarot as a practice of insightful introspection.  For me, tarot offers another perspective on issues I am grappling with. It is not fortune telling or future predicting, but an opportunity to see things in another light, asking the questions I may not have thought of on my own.


Selecting your card...


Similar to the Word of the Year, your Card of the Year represents the energies you’d like to call in for the year.  I like to choose my word and then let the Universe ‘pick’ my card.  Shuffle the deck with your intentions and see what falls out.  That’s how it worked for me this year anyway.  And it was one of those mind-blown moments.

As I mentioned above, my intentions for this year are based on structure and consistency.  The Universe dropped the King of Swords on me.  Analytical, structured, and disciplined.  Wow.


If you have never had a reading or are interested in learning more about tarot, I highly recommend following Hanna McElroy (@hanna.mcelroy) and Melissa of Lady Magdelene’s Mercantile (@ladymagdalenesmercantile). 


And if you want a deck of your own (and you're local), go browse the endless selection at It’s Raining Zen in Alton (where I purchased my first deck, first crystal, first anything on this spiritual journey).


And finally, Stone of the Year



You all know I love my crystals.  This is just another way I find to work with them.  I select my stone of the year based on my word and card of the year.  And again, it should support your intentions for the year. 


Ways to work with your stone throughout the year…

  • Keep a crystal in your line of site – on your desk, by your bed, in your journaling/meditation space.
  • Wear it.  Select a piece of jewelry, preferably a ring or bracelet so you can see it to be reminded of what you’re focused on.  Seeing it throughout the day can help remind you when you are making a choice where the decision will influence the rest of your day (which will ultimately impact future you).
  • Meditate while holding your crystal.  Repeat your intentions as you hold your crystal, infuse it with your intentions.


What's the point...

The point of this blog post -- Life is full of lessons and growth if we choose to grow.  Chances and opportunities to achieve the lives we desire, to recognize our own role in how our daily lives look – take responsibility for our own decisions and choices.  We just have to open up to them.  See and recognize them when they show up.  Be intentional in your daily life.

What opportunities for growth did 2023 bring you?  Where will you grow in 2024?

Plant those seeds, nurture and nourish them in the year to come. 

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