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Juniper Tibetan Rope Incense + Hand-painted Burner

Juniper Tibetan Rope Incense + Hand-painted Burner

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Delight your senses with our Juniper Tibetan Rope Incense!  Juniper Rope Incense is pleasantly aromatic with a clear, refreshing, & slightly woody fragrance.  Ideal for calming & relaxing the nerves, purifying the atmosphere, and sharpening one's mental awareness. 

It is handcrafted in Nepal by Women Artisans using traditional medical methods with high-quality, all-natural ingredients. Raw incense powder is wrapped & then twisted into ropes with handmade paper.  Fair Trade Product

Each Bundle has 20 ropes wrapped and ready to gift! Included is a one-of-a-kind & colorful hand-painted burner! Rope Length: 3 inches / 30 Min. burn time per rope. 

To use:  Place the thicker end of the incense rope in the provided burner & place it on a fireproof dish. Ignite the thin twisted tip & enjoy!



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