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Incense Matches

Incense Matches

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What is an Incense Match? Exactly what it sounds like! It lights like a match & burns like Incense! Easy to travel with and ideal as an at-home air freshener. Wherever you want to add a fragrance or eliminate an odor, this handy little match refreshes any space instantly. 

Available in the following scents: • Bayberry • Cinnamon • Coconut • Frankincense • French Vanilla • Goddess of Egypt • Hollyberry • Jasmine • Musk • Oriental Blossom • Potpourri • Rain • Sandalwood • Spice • Strawberry • Each book contains 30 strikes and is foil-wrapped.

Directions: Light it just like any regular match, allow it to burn halfway, then extinguish it and place it in a fire-safe dish while it releases its scent.



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