Mindfulness and Skincare

Mindfulness and Skincare

In our ‘always on the run lives’, finding time to add new routines to it, such as meditation, mindfulness, ‘selfcare’, can feel daunting and completely unrealistic.  And I am the last person to suggest getting up earlier -- start your day at 4:30 so you can meditate, journal, exercise.  That was never anything I could manage no matter how hard I tried.  I cannot make myself get out of bed early no matter what time I go to bed at night… it seems to be (is) literally impossible. 


However… slowing down, even if only for small moments at a time, can provide huge benefits mentally and emotionally.  Honestly, it offers a much needed sense of relief and calm. 


Mindfulness is all about being in the moment, connecting with the here and now, and paying attention to what you’re seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, etc.  It’s connecting to the present moment, to your breath, to your body.


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Finding opportunities to incorporate mindfulness into tasks already on your to-do list can help you ease into adding mindfulness practice to your day.  One easy place to start is with your skincare routine, even if it’s just washing your face or taking a shower.  And you don’t have to have a 20-step routine to incorporate mindfulness into the process...

Using skincare as your starting point to being more mindful, you can first look at what type of products you are using.  Be intentional about types products you by – what’s in them, are they nourishing to your skin, environmentally friendly (in ingredients and packaging)?  Your skin’s needs can change on any given day based on exposure to the elements or the food and drink you consume.  Paying attention to how your skin feels and looks can help you determine what types of products to use.


And now for the how-to…


First and foremost, slowwww downnnn.  Take some slow, deep breaths and begin noticing everything about the process.  Is the water warm or cold, soothing or invigorating?   How does your cleanser feel on your skin?  How does it smell?  (Not only are you benefiting from slowing down and being in the moment, you are also getting aromatherapy through the scent of your products – read more about aromatherapy here.)

Take your time with each step.  Use all of your senses, feel everything.  Notice temperatures, textures, scents.  Don’t rush through your routine either.  Slow down, pay attention, and do a lot of ‘noticing’. 



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For those routines that take a little longer, like jade roller and gua sha routines or face masks, consider adding a gratitude practice or meditation while you’re doing these.  Take some of the monotony out of the equation by naming three things you are grateful for or listening to a guided meditation. 


Or while dry brushing, thanking your body for all it does to keep you here in this life – thank your feet and legs for carrying you, your belly for digesting the food you eat, your arms and hands for hugs and touch.  While applying your body oil or lotion, take your time massaging it in, notice how it feels on your skin, how it smells.  Breathe in the scent of the oil, feel into the nurturing care you are showing yourself.  **Which, by the way, if you haven’t tried dry brushing, I highly recommend.  It’s a great exfoliator and leaves your skin looking radiant.  My 50-yr old skin loves it.


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If you’re lucky enough to have the time to truly pamper yourself, create an at-home spa-like experience. 


Light up some candles and incense, run a warm bath with salts and soaks, lather up in all natural soaps and scrubs, finish with oils and lotions to nourish and hydrate. Add your favorite playlist or green sound to include your sense of sound.  Most importantly, slow down and take your time, enjoy every part of the process.


And if you’d like to add some all natural skin care products or new tools to your routine, you can check out our selection here.


Be in the moment.  Breathe in the moment.  Feel into the moment.


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