The Magic of Scent

The Magic of Scent

There are some fascinating studies out there documenting the effects of scent on the human brain (or any creature with an olfactory system).  I am particularly intrigued by this one where they monitored brain waves of subjects while presenting them with different types of essential oils. 

The results showed brainwaves changed in accordance with the type of mood/emotion the essential oil claimed to provide.  Basically, if an essential oil is said to be uplifting and motivating, according to the study, the brainwaves shifted to the frequency associated with the feeling.  Pretty cool, right?


Without getting into all the science (a quick Google search will unearth plenty of research if you’re interested – plus, I’m not a scientist 😉), we’re gonna talk about how scent affects our moods and has the power to quickly change you state of mind.


Looking to boost your mood? Or calm your anxiety?  Or some help focusing? Or relax into a restful evening?  Odds are, there’s an essential oil waiting to help.


Our sense of smell is the human body’s most powerful sense.  It by-passes the thinking part of our brain and heads straight to our emotional control center.  You can feel the effects of ‘scent’ almost immediately. 


It’s been referred to as ‘scent-scaping’ – using different forms of aromatherapy throughout the home, or different times of the day, to encourage motivation, focus, relaxation, or calming the mood.  For those who work from home, scent-scaping can be hugely beneficial in helping to separate work-home life.  Using specific motivating fragrances in your work area (during work hours) and more calming, relaxing scents after work in living spaces can help you transition your mindset from work-life to home-life.



Photo by Mariana Rascão on Unsplash


Thoughtfully placed candles, essential oil diffusers, lotions, soaps, etc, can all be helpful in ‘setting the mood’. 

My personal go-to’s… a few dops of Sweet Orange with my hand lotion during the day for an uplifting feeling, lavender in my diffuser at bedtime, and peppermint when I need to focus and get things done.


This weekend we will be having a ‘Create Your Own’ day at the shop.  My sister has named it Smelly Saturday (she also says I sell rocks and sticks, aka crystals and incense). 

On Saturday, January 21st (in celebration of the Lunar New Year and New Moon in Aquarius) you can make your own essential oil rollerball bottle while supplies last. 

Using Sweet Almond Oil and an essential oil blend of your choice, you’ll be able to create an essential oil roller to carry with you during 2023.  We will have blends supporting focus and concentration, uplifting and energizing, calming and relaxing, anti-anxiety, or you can create your own signature scent. 



Also, now is a great time to check in on your New Year's Resolutions -- evaluate your progress and set some goals/intentions for this new lunar cycle.  The New Moon phase gives us an excellent opportunity to declare our intentions and plant the seeds of growth we are aiming for.  

If you haven’t already, while you’re here you can create your own crystal intention jar supporting your hopes and dreams for the year. 


Lots of love--


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