The Elements... What, How, and Why

The Elements... What, How, and Why

Working with the elements:  Air, Earth, Fire, and Water


We're talking about energy here... everything is energy.  Energy, emotions, thoughts, and feelings.  When you're not feeling your personal best, there are things you can do to improve your situation or at least hopefully your state of mind.  And today we'll look at how the four primary elements can help.

Each element represents specific qualities and energies.  Each one has a specific purpose and is also associated with specific zodiac signs.  There are lots of ways to work with the elements, we’ll introduce the qualities of each and offer up some ways you can work with them to call in the energies you want.



The air element represents our mental and spiritual side -- intellect, wisdom, intuition and ideas. Breath, life force, and communication are all aspects of the air element. 


Our air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.  Generally speaking, they are curious, quick thinkers who love to talk and share their ideas. 


You might try working with the air element when you’d like a deeper connection to your intuition and inner wisdom.  Maybe you’re stuck and need to brainstorm new ideas.  The element of air can help if you are seeking clarity or want to clearly communicate your ideas. 


Visualizing wind blowing around and through you, stirring your thoughts.  If you have trouble with visualization, try using a diffuser to see the mist float through the air, or light a stick of incense and focus on the smoke rising and dancing through your space. 


Or light one of our Air Element Candles and start journaling or typing any thought that comes to mind – free write random thoughts until you ‘tune in’.


Try some breath work – take three long deep breaths and sit in silence for a few minutes.  Our find pranayama exercises to support the energy you need in the moment.  There are many to choose from.


Crystals related to the air element include amethyst, angel aura quartz, clear quartz, celestite, and fluorite just to name a few.  Wear them as jewelry, place one where you’ll see it often, or under your pillow… in your pocket… create a crystal grid with several to amplify their energetic qualities.


Or maybe all you’ve got are ideas but lack the motivation to act on them (then you’ll want to call in some fire energy).




The Earth element represents stability, structure and grounding. It is consistent and reliable.  Earth energy helps us find our footing when we find ourselves on shaky ground.  If we are all up in our thoughts and can’t seem to connect or focus to reality – Earth energy can help us come back to the present moment, grounded in the here and now.  It provides us strength, structure, and stability. 


The Earth element is all about slowing down, being present and mindful, enjoying the simple pleasures of life – a good meal, soft blankets, etc., etc. 


When calling in Earth energy, visualize roots extending from the bottoms of your feet deep into the earth’s core (anchoring/grounding).  Imagine earth energy traveling up to you through these roots and feel the support and stability holding you. 


As the earth element is associated with the physical, you can also tune into your body through exercise or yoga.  Aligning your breath with the movements of your body. 


Or eat a nutritious meal, preferably one you make yourself using fresh fruits and vegetables to be reminded of the nourishment the Earth provides.


Our Earth signs in the zodiac are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.  Personality traits of these three include practicality, stability, sensuality, and enjoy earthly (aka, material) things… the good traits anyway.


Crystals that carry earth element energy (all of them since they come from the Earth), moss agate, green jade, black obsidian or tourmaline, smoky quartz, bloodstone… just to name a few.


When in excess, though, you can feel stuck and incapable of making a move.  When you feel stuck and cannot find your way out of a situation, try working with the other elements to call in inspiration and ideas (air), motivation and courage to make changes (fire), and the willingness to move and ‘go with the flow’ (water).






The element of fire is all about transformation.  It is the passion, inner power, confidence, creativity, and motivation needed to create the life you desire. The element of fire represents that inner spark of enthusiasm and courage within.


Fire energy is what we feel when we get excited about something -- when an idea lights us up on the inside and moves us to take aligned action.  It is playful and creative energy.  

This is the energy you call in when you want to make changes in your life.  It supports will-power and determination.  Like the saying ‘light a fire under you’re a$$’, get moving, do the thing. 


Easy ways to work with the fire element – go outside and feel the heat of the sun on your face.  Visualize the fiery solar energy of the sun filling you up.  Even better, lay down in the grass to receive both the Earth’s strengthening energy from below and the sun’s energizing rays from above.


If you have one, light a fire in your fire pit. Watch the flames flicker and dance, notice the colors and heat rising from the base of the fire.  Or… light a Fire Element candle and focus on the candle flame while enjoying the invigorating scents arising from the candle.


Our three fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.  The initiators, change agents, typically fearless, ready to take on any challenge head on.  They are vibrant, passionate, and can be a wee bit aggressive.  Fire signs are action oriented and ready to seize the day.


Crystals to support fire element energy include citrine, garnet, sunstone, amber, ruby, red jasper, honey calcite.

**Always keep safety in mind when working with fire.**




The water element relates to our emotions and feelings.  The ability to feel and release all of them, to not be overwhelmed or consumed by them.  Water energy helps us move through life’s experiences with greater ease and compassion.  It is a calming force that helps us ‘feel to heal’.  It is cleansing, purifying, and nourishing.


In times of deep heartache or discomfort we can turn to the calm, comforting energies of water.  When we feel like we’re drowning in our emotions, water can bring stillness and peace. 


To call in the energies of water, get in some – go swimming, take an herbal bath, or a cleansing shower.  Drink a glass of water with the intention to receive its cleansing properties. 


In astrology, the three water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.  These are our deep feeling friends – empathetic, nurturing (Scorpio?), sensitive, dreamy and mystical. 


Water element crystals include amethyst, aquamarine, selenite, moonstone, blue lace agate, chrysocolla.  Wear them, carry them, meditate with them – or simply admire them.


The elements represent the energy that lives in and around us.  It is the life giving and sustaining energy we need to survive.  As with everything, when in balance we have a greater ability to experience life as it is, to not resist it or force it.  When you’re feeling out of alignment, look to the energies of the elements to see where you can make some adjustments. 


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