Spring Equinox 2023

Spring Equinox 2023

Happy Spring Equinox!  Today we celebrate the first day of spring right alongside the Astrological New Year -- Aries Season.

Spring Equinox, also known as Ostara, celebrates the beginning of spring.  A day of equal day and night as our days grow longer, representing balance and new beginnings.  The earth now begins to awaken from its winter slumber -- grass and trees turning green, flowers budding, and birds returning with song.

As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries also brings with it energies of new beginnings, time to plant the seeds and take action.  Under the new moon in Aries, March 21st, is a perfect time to set your intentions for what you'd like to create over the next month, 6-months, year.  

Start a new journal, write out your hopes and dreams and track your progress throughout the year.  The intentions you set are thoughts that turn to action that transform to creation.  Living intentionally is living with a purpose.  


What will you create this year?

What have you been wanting to try, but haven't?


There are many ways to honor and celebrate the return of Spring and the start of Aries Season.  Fiery Aries asks us to be bold, take aligned action, plant the seeds of our dreams.

As soon as the temperatures improve, get outside, and literally plant some seeds.  If you don't have a space to plant outdoors, plant some seeds in a pot and set it in a window.  Plant the seeds intentionally along with the seeds of your intentions.  Cultivate and care for each and watch them grow.

Play in the dirt!  Reconnect physically to the Earth, it will make you feel good.



Being outside, whether on a nature walk, sitting in the sun, practicing yoga, or meditating, find inspiration in the changing of the seasons and new life all around you.

Another great way to celebrate spring is clearing out the old to make space for the new.  As always, both physically and mentally...


What old habbits or thought patterns are holding you back?  Can you acknowledge how they may have served you in the past and release them now?


Spring cleaning -- gather up anything that you no longer use and donate it.  Decluttering feels amazing, like a weight lifted from your shoulders.  Donating also feels great, it feels good to know you're helping someone else.

Open your windows and let the fresh spring air circulate through your house.  Add in some aromatherapy and change the vibe in your home.

Spring is a time of new beginnings.  What do you want cultivate in your life?


Happy Equinox!!


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