Plants and Crystals

Plants and Crystals

I recently heard about an amazing combination that has me over the moon excited!  Two words – Crystals.  Plants. 

Crystal Botany

And you know I already bought a new plant...

During the past few years I have done a lot of personal growth and development – I continue to work on my meditation practice, I’ve added in new physical exercise routines, hydrating and trying TRYING to work on nutrition and eating better (I am 100% a junk food junkie…), but I digress. 

Around a year ago while shopping at a hardware store with my husband I saw the cutest little bowl of succulents and had to have it.  I was drawn to the greenery and the hope that maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t kill the poor little things.  Succulents are supposed to be hardy, right?  Turns out, they are!  I placed them with loving care in their new window spot and guess what people –not only have they survived – they have thrived!  And, I’ve added more and differnt types to our happy little plant family.
I’ve also continued to expand my collection of crystals based on how I’m feeling – where I feel lack or in need of support.  Like when I was having a hard time speaking my truth, sharing my feelings, I bought several confidence boosting throat chakra stones. 

When I needed a little extra motivation and a fire lit under my ass I purchased some citrine and pyrite – solar plexus stones. 

And when I want clarity, I turned to stones to help me connect to my intuition – my inner wisdom and acquired the most beautiful labradorite palm stone, selenite, and lepidolite. 

My collection continues to grow, and I love them.  My favorites are now Ametrine (fire and wisdom), Tiger’s Eye (since I was a kid with my rock tumbler), and Citrine (maybe I lack motivation?).  My ‘Stone of the Year’ for 2022 is Honey Calcite, a symbol of personal power.  It is believed to increase feelings of self-worth, confidence, courage, and assists in overcoming obstacles – exactly what I needed this year.
So when I heard about the power of combining the two – you know my eyes lit up with excitement! 

Crystals and plants – joining forces to add love to our lives!?!  I am ALL IN.  Started researching how to care for plants, which crystals compliment which plants and so on and so forth. 

I was ready to turn jaded. into a full-on greenhouse with a side of crystals… but, I didn’t.  What I did do was incorporate it into our offerings. 
Connecting to nature is a key component of selfcare.  Although getting outdoors, planting bare feet on the ground and breathing fresh air is the best way to connect, sometimes it’s just not possible to get outside.  And that’s where plants come in… adding a little green to your interior space can not only lighten the mood, but it also filters the air you breathe and helps lower anxiety.
Check out our crystal and plant pairings here.  Maybe you can find a little extra support.  <3

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