New Year Resolutions... or not

New Year Resolutions... or not

A new take on New Year’s Resolutions…


Or maybe not so new, but definitely my take on New Year’s Resolutions… New Year’s Resolutions always seem so daunting to me, probably because they are typically things that I don’t really want to do, fear doing, or struggle with entirely.  I gave up setting them years ago (more like... decades??).  The looming deadline of January 1st to begin anew – a new weight loss journey, fitness regime, save more money, quitting smoking or this, that, or the other – seems to instill a sense of dread in me. 


The concept of resolutions, however, is a good thing – we should always be looking for ways to improve ourselves and our lives.  Rather than just naming one grand resolution for the year, I choose to create intentions to focus on to support me in reaching those big goals.  I’m more of a baby-stepper… small achievable goals leading up to the big one.


Intentions can serve as a reminder of the path you’ve chosen…


Looking forward to next year and asking yourself ‘what do I want for 2023?’  What would you like to call in during the course of the coming year? 


The better way to ask that question, though, is – ‘How do I want to feel?’  We spend a lot of time thinking about the things we want – money, car, clothes, new home, furniture, etc., etc., etc., but the ‘what’ we are actually craving is the feeling we hope those things will give us. 


Creating intentions based on feeling can have significant impact on actually achieving the desired outcomes. 


Visualizing how you will feel (and try to feel it as you visualize it) can help you work backwards to taking the right steps to get there. 


For me, 2022 was a very busy year – personally and professionally – and at times felt very constricting, suffocating, and overwhelming.  Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely happy with everything I was able to do and accomplish in 2022 and I honor and appreciate where I am today, but it took a lot to get here and there’s still a lot more to accomplish. 


As I look back over 2022 and look forward to 2023, I am ready to call in some spaciousness – spaciousness to get back to my practices that have fallen by the wayside as I’ve tried to create this new life. 


Spaciousness to appreciate the here and now, this very moment, and to not be worried about what happened yesterday or what is going to happen tomorrow.


And through this spaciousness my goal is to reconnect to my intuition and reignite my creativity.  Opening the physical shop was only the beginning of what I visualized when creating jaded.  jaded was established to build a supportive community, to help others find their way back to themselves, and to offer the best resources to support people on their selfcare/self-healing journey. 


How do I plan to do that?  Setting daily/weekly/monthly intentions to be open to and connect to soul/Source/higher self.  To create time and space for my work.  Literally making appointments on my calendar for moon work, yoga, self-reflection and introspection.  Because I know if I do not block out the time to do it, odds are, it won’t happen.


So… as you begin thinking about what you want in 2023, think more about how you want to feel.  And then start thinking about what you can do to support yourself in achieving that. 


There are many tools and resources available to help you learn what questions to ask and how to connect and listen to your higher self, inner wisdom, your heart and soul.  One of the many tools I like to use to gain clarity is my birth chart.  It may sound crazy, but hear me out...


We are given the opportunity to investigate ourselves with the changing universal energies every month.  As we enter each new season (i.e., Capricorn season begins December 23), we can look at where that sign is in our birth chart and work with that specific area of our lives.


When you were born, when you entered this life, the planets and the stars aligned for you.  Your birth chart is unique to you and gives you a snapshot of the Universe at the very moment you entered this world.  Knowing your birth chart gives you an excellent place to begin your introspective journey, a starting point.  The alignment of your north and south nodes provides insight into your gifts and what you are here to learn or accomplish.  


Not sure what your birth chart has to say?  Melissa at Lady Magdalene’s Mercantile offers birth chart readings.  She can chart your birth and talk you through the various nuances hidden within it.  Give her a call and start your journey today!


Once you’ve decided on your path for 2023, find ways to support yourself on your journey.  Visualize it as reality, see yourself being/doing it, write it down, talk about it, put it out there in the Universe. 


Set small achievable goals, check-in with yourself regularly, be kind and gentle to yourself, and recognize and honor your successes. 


If you’d like to create a physical reminder of your intention, come in and create an intention jar to seal your intentions for the year.  Set it someplace you’ll see it often to be reminded of the life you’re trying to create.


Mine will be filled with clear quartz, amethyst, lapis, and carnelian.  <3



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