Leo Musings...and more

Leo Musings...and more

Leo Season, one of my favorites…

Maybe because it’s my beautiful daughter’s sign, or maybe because it’s my rising sign, or maybe just because it’s summer.  But I love the fiery, bold, creative energy of the season.  Leo energy inspires us to leap into action, to be bold and brave, to take inspired action.  The proud lion.




Unafraid to shine our light into the world, to be who we truly are without fear of what others might think.  Shining our light proudly and not dimming it for anyone.  It’s beautiful energy, having the courage to share your unique gifts with the world.


But there is a lot going on in the skies these days and it feels a little different this year.  Have you noticed?  Have you been wondering what the hell is going on?  I have!!


Along with Leo season beginning today, Venus, the planet of love, beauty, relationships, values, and money, has stationed retrograde in the sign of Leo.  So what does this mean?  A lot. 


Rather than taking big, bold action, we are being asked to turn inward, to begin a season of introspection and inner work.  It’s a time to take an honest look at what you value most in life and whether or not your relationships, your career, lifestyle, etc., are in alignment with those values. 


What is most important to you?  Are you placing importance on those values in your day-to-day life?  And what about yourself?  How are you valuing yourself?  And how is that radiating out world around you, the people in your life?  Are you putting your wants and needs on the back burner and putting everyone else’s in front of yours?  Or are you neglecting everyone, disregarding their needs completely?


Not sure what your core values are?  There are plenty of free quizes to help you identify them or print a list of values and highlight what resonates with you.  Then compare that list with your lifestyle... are you living in alignment with those values?  Are there any areas you can work on, make small adjustments to live more authentically?


But wait, there's more.


On top of all that, the lunar nodes just shifted into Aries and Libra with the Cancer new moon last week.  The lunar nodes represent fate… destiny.  And for the next 18 months they’ll be hanging out on Aries/Libra axis.  Self (Aries) and Relationships (Libra). 

Here we are, back to Self… the universe is pointing all signs right at it, sending flashing neon signs to us to start some inner work, as in 'The Work'.  Begin the process of self-healing.  Turn within, dig deep, what wounds are asking to be seen and healed?  


‘The light enters thru the wound.’ -- Rumi


We all have wounds.  Some have big trauma wounds, but all of us have little trauma wounds.  Small moments throughout our life where a seemingly unintentional  comment or dismissal or whatever left a wound on our hearts.  We build walls around the wounds, we bury them in an effort to not feel the pain associated with them. The problem is, until they are healed they will keep showing up in our lives. 


Do you have patterns of negative behaviors or ‘bad luck’?  Where the same issues keep coming up over and over again?  Might be time to do a little digging into that area of your life.  What about that situation is within your control?  What actions do you keep repeating? 


Inner work and self-healing is not easy work.  If you’ve got big trauma in your life, I recommend working with a professional, therapist, or some other trained/certified healer to walk with you through the work -- it can be painful opening up old wounds in an effort to heal. 


‘When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.’ -- Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening


It’s not easy, but it is so very worth it.  There are many ways to begin the work – you can start with a guided journal that gets you asking yourself questions, begin a journey through the chakra system (your energy and emotions), work with the energies of the cosmos – your birth chart, or shadow work… the list of options goes on and on.



Your healing will radiate out into the world around you – it creates ripples of change.



I’m no astrologer and these musings are based on my learning and understanding of astrology.  There is so much to learn out there, never stop learning and exploring, friends.


Good luck out there!  Offer yourself (and those around you) grace and loving kindness.  A little selfcare wouldn’t hurt either.




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