Creating a Ritual Around the Mundane

Creating a Ritual Around the Mundane

You don’t even need to add anything new to your routine to incorporate a selfcare ritual.  Try this… the next time you’re washing your face at the end of the day I challenge you to add some mindfulness to your routine to create a ritual. 

Try the following steps and see how you do!

  • Turn on the water and tune out the noise. The noise of the train station of thoughts running thru your head at the end of the day.  I find myself lost in my thoughts all too often, missing out on the present moment.  Washing your face is the perfect opportunity to turn off the noise and tune in to the moment.


  • Focus on the sound of the running water. Listen to the sound of the water pouring from the faucet; the sound of the water running down the drain.


  • Let the water wash over your hands and notice how it feels on your skin



When your mind starts to wonder back to the rampant running thoughts, tune back into the sounds, focus on what you’re hearing in the moment


  • As you cleanse your face, visualize letting go of the day, washing away any experiences from the day that may be weighing you down – any worries or negative energy from the day – visualize those experiences running down the drain as you rinse your face clean


  • Awareness – focus on all of the sensations – the smell of your cleanser, the feel of the water, the softness of your towel as you dry your face



  • As you apply your serums and moisturizers, walk thru your day in your mind again, this time visualizing everything you are grateful for… Waking up, a cup of coffee, a conversation or interaction with a friend, a delicious meal – or just food in general, your home, etc., etc.


 The list is truly endless when you look deep enough.


 Take it Next Level…

  • Level up by turning it into a bath ritual – light a candle or burn some incense, add your favorite salts, bombs and bubbles

 Or Next Next Level…

  • Include dry brushing, shower steamers, body oil

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