Saying Goodbye to 2022

Saying Goodbye to 2022

It’s hard to believe it is December already…. another year gone by.  And as this year comes to a close, we have an opportunity to reflect back on all we experienced – the challenges, joys, heartbreaks, and celebrations. 


Before celebrating the New Year and setting those New Year Resolutions (more to come on that topic), take some time to reflect back on your year in review -- recognize and honor your accomplishments, challenges you faced, and personal growth.   


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Where did you find the most joy and happiness during the past year?  Was it something you achieved?  A vacation or trip?  The people in your life?  Take a moment to feel that joy again and be grateful for having experienced it.  Maybe even take a moment to write a note or send a message to the people that had a positive impact on your life.


What were some of your biggest challenges?  How did you work through them?  Honor your strength and notice how you’ve grown through those challenges. 


Maybe you had to find your voice, stand up for yourself or others, or maybe you had to learn a new skill set.  Maybe you started over completely.  How did you show courage this past year?  How did you respond under pressure?  Recognize and honor yourself for overcoming the trials and tribulations the year presented to you.


Maybe you are still working through some of those challenges, maybe this has been the hardest year yet, and to you, I send much love and care.  You are worthy of your dreams, you are worthy of love, please keep going, tap into the strength and courage that have gotten you this far. 

(And a side note to all of us, offer yourself so much love, care, and grace.  Be kind to yourself, especially when it seems no one else is.)


Are there dreams or aspirations you chased after in 2022?  What were your hopes for 2022?  How were you able to take steps to achieve them?  Or did you discover a different path, dream a different dream altogether?


Self-reflection and introspection provide us with opportunities for incredible growth and expansion.  Analyzing our reactions to certain situations, recognizing thought patterns and behaviors, and questioning all of it, gives us a better perspective. 



Journal prompts and self-awareness are some of my favorite things.  It has allowed me to acknowledge my role in certain situations and to be more compassionate towards myself and others in my life. 

We have plenty of journals to help you begin your journey of introspection (or continue on your path) – guided journals to ask those deep questions, sketchbooks for creative expression, and lined journals for pouring your heart and soul onto paper.

Lots of love—


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